Director of Public Affairs

Why I Do What I Do:

“Achieving my full potential depends on others’ achieving theirs, and that process begins with education.”

Alma Mater(s): Santa Clara University and New York University

Your role in one sentence: I build coalitions and advocate for greater access and completion in higher education across California.

When I am not at work helping students get to and succeed in college I am…riding my bike, reading the Times, and spending time with my fiancée or family.

If not higher education then what cause? Immigration reform

Formal Bio:

A graduate of Loyola High School in Los Angeles, Fred fell in love with education while working with autistic children while completing his senior project. He recognized its power to bring people together while teaching English as a Second Language to campus workers in college. Motivated by the desire to give to others what his parents gave him, Fred went on to become a Trainer with the Posse Foundation, a college access and youth leadership program.

In graduate school, Fred co-founded the DREAM Team at NYU and advocated for greater resources for undocumented students at the University and at the state level. He went on to research the experiences of return-migrant youth in Mexico and helped build a coalition there. During his time in Mexico, Fred also supported the recruitment and training of new teachers at Enseña Por México (Teach for Mexico).

Fred has worked with students from all over the world. His portfolio is comprised of building capacity for high-growth education programs by focusing on organizational development and strategic partnerships. At the Institute of International Education, he helped bring thousands of students in STEM fields to the U.S. by establishing a Brazilian government program at hundreds of colleges and universities. Some time after that, he directed marketing and operations for graduate students affairs and a new professional development and leadership program at Columbia University.

Fred recently moved back home to Los Angeles with his fiancé. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Santa Clara University and a Master of Arts in International Education from New York University.