Higher Education Budget

Highlights of the 2019 State Budget Proposal

Over $18 million in on-going funding to support undocumented students at the UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges.
$10 million one-time allocation to plan, develop, and implement a longitudinal data system to connect student information from early education through the workforce.
An increase in enrollment growth funding at the UC and CSU with the expectation that the UC and CSU will hold tuition flat.

Details of the 2019 State Budget Proposal

California Community Colleges

  • California College Promise: $40 million in on-going funding to support the California College Promise to waive fees for a second academic year for first-time, full-time students with an additional $5 million in one-time funding for program outreach.
  • Student-Centered Funding Formula: Proposes changes to the implementation plan meant to allow further review of college data and success rates.

California State University

  • CSU Grad Initiative 2025: $45 million in on-going funding for the CSU Graduation Initiative 2025.
  • CSU Enrollment Growth: $62 million in on-going funding for CSU enrollment growth of 7,000 resident students.

University of California

  • Enrollment Support: $10 million in permanent funding to support 1,000 enrollment slots previously supported by one-time funds.
  • Adult Learner & Extension Program Support: $15 million to expand certificate programs and degrees at UC extension centers with a focus on outreach to adults with some college experience, but no degree.
  • Student Success Support: $49.9 million in on-going funding to support UC efforts to improve student success, timely completion, and closing of degree attainment gaps.
  • Decreasing Student Hunger and Housing Insecurity: $15 million in on-going funding to assist the UC’s efforts to address student hunger and housing insecurity and $15 million in one-time support for similar efforts at the CSU.

Financial Aid

  • Aid for Student Parents: $121.6 million in on-going funding to provide or increase Cal Grant awards for student parents.
  • Cal Grant Increases:  $9.6 million to support an additional 4,250 Competitive Cal Grant awards for a total of 30,000 awards.

*Partial list of 2019 Budget Proposal items. Click here for a complete summary.