Matthew Johnson

Summer Intern; Los Angeles Office

Why I Do What I Do:

“Being exposed to economic and educational injustice through community service, I want to make sure everyone has equal opportunities in a country founded on egalitarian ideals.”

Alma Mater(s): Loyola High School & University of Notre Dame (expected 2022)

Your role in one sentence: I support the Campaign’s Public Affairs and Communications department and advocate through local outreach.

When I am not at work helping students get to and succeed in college I am…. lifting weights, playing volleyball or basketball with friends, reading a favorite book, or travelling the world with my family.

If not higher education then what cause? Economic and Social Justice

Formal Bio:
Born in Manhattan Beach, California, Matthew graduated from Loyola High in June 2018. Matthew, raised by parents who emphasized education to the max, grew up with an understanding that education was core to success in the modern world.
During his time at Loyola, Matthew was inspired by his involvement in the Office of Equity and Inclusion and his government course on American Politics. These two factors coupled with his senior service project influence Matthew’s interest in advocacy and educational needs throughout the state and country.
During his senior service project, Matthew was embedded in a small Catholic school in El Segundo called St. Anthony’s Catholic School. There, he witnessed what a school looked like when underfunded: incredibly under enrolled, new teachers every year, and a student populace that was generally disengaged and lagging far behind academically. At the Campaign, Matthew works to rid that reality from every school in California.
Matthew, equipped with his Loyola education, intends to enroll at the University of Notre Dame in the Fall of 2018 with a potential focus on History/Political Science and a wish to study abroad in Germany.