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Raquel Gonzalez

Administrative Assistant
Los Angeles Office

Alma Mater(s): Los Angeles Southwest Community College & Cal State University Los Angeles

Your role in one sentence: My job is to assist Jackie and Stacey with anything they need, as well as being a helping hand to others in the office.

When I am not at work helping students get to and succeed in college I am…I am completing coursework and reading about sociological theories.

If not higher education then what cause? Advocating for low income families and their rights.

Formal Bio:

At a young age, my parents migrated to the United States from Mexico, and it became home for them and their five kids. I am the oldest child and the first one to go to college and obtain a degree. Now my siblings follow my footsteps and are attending college themselves. My career goal is to be an elementary school teacher and give the students the building blocks they need for a better education. I believe that the best way to give back to society is by educating others and helping shape the leaders of tomorrow. I am excited to be able to work for an organization that contributes and works towards increasing college graduates that will one day contribute to strengthen society. As a college student myself, it is through the work of The Campaign for College Opportunity that I am able to attend college and obtain a degree that will contribute to my success and the achievement of my goals.

Before joining the Campaign for College Opportunity, I was a Career Guidance Counselor Assistant, where my job consisted of helping high school students apply to college, FAFSA and different scholarships. I was also a teacher’s assistant for the Los Angeles Writing Project at Cal State Los Angeles.