Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

Sponsored Legislation
Supported Legislation

*Sponsored Legislation: Legislation that the Campaign helped craft and will actively advocate for its passage.

Supported Legislation

SB 539: The Community College Student Achievement Program

Author: Senators de León and Portantino
Status: Assembly Higher Education

Community colleges are the gateway to opportunity for the majority of students across the state and a critical piece in the state’s ability to meet its projected workforce gap. Yet, most community colleges aren’t designed for students and as a result, less than half will complete a degree or transfer within six years. SB 539 removes barriers to student success by creating clearer, more structured pathways known as “guided pathways.” The guided pathways model is a comprehensive redesign of the way community colleges serve students, from initial contact to completion, that when done well, can dramatically improve student outcomes.

SB 539 also recognizes the importance of financial aid to a student’s ability to stay on track and take the necessary units to complete a degree, certificate or transfer and establishes the Community College Completion Incentive Grant. This grant will provide an additional $4,000 in financial aid to community colleges students receiving the existing Full-Time Student Success Grant, if they complete 15 units.

AB 204: Community colleges: waiver of enrollment fees 

Author: Assemblymember Medina
Status: Senate Education Committee

AB 204 improves the appeals process for California Community College students who lose their Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver under new academic qualification standards.

AB 394: California State University: assessment and course placement of admitted students

Author: Assemblymember Medina
Status: Senate Education Committee

AB 394 will help more students successfully complete and reduce time-to-degree by requiring the California State University to implement additional measures for the assessment and course placement of students.