Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

2008 Legislation

SB 890: Early Commitment to College Bill of 2008

Author: Senator Scott
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Sponsor

The bill that created Early Commitment to College (ECC), SB 890 was sponsored by the Campaign for College Opportunity. It enjoyed broad-based bipartisan support and was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in September 2008. This act assures that if students sign a pledge to work hard, stay in school, and take the steps they need to make it to college, the state of California promises to make sure there is a spot in college and financial aid available when they get there. There are currently 119 school districts implementing ECC, reaching more than 80,000 students statewide.

SB 325: Postsecondary Education: Educational and Economic Goals for California Higher Education

Author: Senator Scott
Status: Vetoed by Governor
Campaign Position: Support

The bill set educational and economic goals for the state.   Additionally, the bill created an accountability framework to measure the progress of the state’s higher education system in achieving those goals.  Finally, the bill created a public process for collecting, reporting and analyzing progress toward the stated goals.