Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

2010 Legislation

AB 2302: Statewide Transfer Pathway Act of 2010

Author: Assemblymember Fong
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Sponsor

AB 2302 was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in September of 2010. The legislation is designed to enhance the transfer pathway created in SB 1440. Specifically, this bill will request the University of California to participate in SB 1440’s historic transfer reform movement by guaranteeing UC system admission with junior status to a community college student with an associate degree for transfer. In addition, it will ensure that such transfer reform is efficient, student-centered, and does not disadvantage students who are currently enrolled in a community college.

AB 2542: Accelerated Student Success College of 2010

Author: Assemblymember Conway
Status: Inactive – Held in Committee
Campaign Position: Sponsor

This legislation was designed to encourage student success at the California Community Colleges, through increased local flexibility with existing funding resources in exchange for increased student completion outcomes. This bill would establish a voluntary pilot program where in exchange for the flexibility of several specified regulations, these colleges would be funded not on the current basis of third week of the semester census, but rather on the number of students successfully completing the semester. As a further incentive, ASSC colleges would be allocated an additional $1,000 per student who completes an Associate Degree, Certificate, or becomes eligible for transfer above and beyond the college’ current completion rate.

SB 1440: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act of 2010

Author: Senator Padilla
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Sponsor

SB 1440 was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger in September of 2010. This legislation creates a seamless transfer pathway for all California community college students regardless of which college they attend. Community college students who successfully complete 60 units of transferrable coursework will be awarded an associate degree and receive guaranteed admission with junior standing at the CSU. View updates on the implementation of this legislation here.