Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

2012 Legislation

SB 1456: The Student Success Act of 2012

Author: Senator Lowenthal
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Sponsor

SB 1456 was signed into law by Governor Brown in September 2012. This bill enacts some key recommendations of the Student Success Task Force. It provides critical support services to students on the front-end of their educational experience to increase student success by establishing policies to ensure that all students receive orientation, create an education plan, and declare a program of study; targets student success and support funds for the vital matriculation services critical to helping students progress towards their college goals; and, requires campuses to participate in a common assessment system and post a student success campus scorecard as a condition for receiving student success categorical funding. This bill also aligns BOG fee waiver requirements more closely with federal aid standards and authorize the BOG to determine satisfactory academic progress and develop policies that provide statewide guidance to colleges on implementing an intervention and appeals process.