Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

2015 Legislation

AB 770: Remedial Education Redesign

Author: Assemblymember Irwin
Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations
Campaign Position: Sponsor

This bill builds upon the Basic Skills and Student Outcomes Transformation Program (BSTP) adopted in the 2015-16 State Budget by providing essential guidance to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office in administering the program. Specifically, it outlines two levels of funding depending on whether a college is scaling up existing programs or adopting high impact practices for the first time. It also sets aside some of the funds allocated in 2015-16 State Budget for this program, for vital statewide technical assistance, in order to support colleges in the development of their plans.

AB 770 Infographic

BSTP Application Infographic

Application for BSTP funds


AB 176: Data Collection

Author: Assemblymember Bonta
Status: Vetoed by Governor
Campaign Position: Support

This bill increases access to disaggregated demographic data for the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community in higher education and public health in California. It requires the California Community Colleges, California State University, and the University of California, as well as state health-related departments, to collect data on specified Asian and Pacific Islander subgroups and to make data available to the public on their website.


AB 200: Competitive Cal Grant A & B Awards Increase

Author: Assemblymember Alejo & Jones-Sawyer
Status: Held by Author in Senate Education
Campaign Position: Support

This bill gradually increases the total number of competitive Cal Grant A and B awards that may be granted in an academic year, over a three-year period, from the current cap of 22,500 up to 60,000.

AB 288: College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships

Author: Assemblymember Holden
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Support

This bill establishes the College and Career Access Pathways Act to authorize California Community College (CCC) districts to enter into formal partnership agreements with local school districts to expand access to concurrent enrollment opportunities for high school students with the goal of developing seamless pathways from high school to CCCs for career technical education or preparation for transfer, improving high school graduation rates, or helping high school students achieve college and career readiness.

AB 801: Homeless Youth Success in Higher Education Act

Author: Assemblymember Bloom
Status: Held by Author on Senate Floor
Campaign Position: Support

This bill qualifies homeless youth to receive the same priority enrollment given to foster youth in state universities and community colleges. It requires the designation of a single point of contact to assist homeless and foster youth to access and complete higher education. Additionally, it requires schools to post public notice about financial and other assistance available to homeless and foster youth. It adds homeless youth to required training elements of the Community College Student Financial Aid Outreach Program and gives homeless youth eligibility to serve under the Student Opportunity and Access Program. The bill also adds homeless youth who meet minimum academic requirements to the populations exempt from community college fees and provides homeless youth under age 19 who currently reside in CA with in-state tuition (already in place for foster youth).

AB 831: Student Financial Aid: Cal Grant Program

Author: Assemblymember Bonilla
Status: Held in Assembly Appropriations
Campaign Position: Support

This bill establishes a Cal Grant award formula for students attending private, nonprofit colleges and universities based on the average cost of educating a Cal Grant student at a four-year public institution.

AB 1016: Public Postsecondary Education: Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act

Author: Assemblymember Santiago
Status: Signed by Governor
Campaign Position: Support

This bill requires reporting from the California Community Colleges and California State University related to the Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act.

AB 1145: Early Commitment to College: Making California Students College Bound

Author: Assemblymember Medina
Status: Held by Author in Senate Appropriations
Campaign Position: Support

This bill requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide participation data to the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) in order to report on the Early Commitment to College Program (SB 890, 2008) – the goal of which is to inform the creation of a stronger program that connects low-income students to higher education.

SB 15: A Plan for Higher Education in California

Author: Senators Block, de León, and Liu
Status: Held by Author in Assembly Higher Education
Campaign Position: Support

This bill would establish higher education policies that promote affordability, access, and completion for California students. Specifically, this bill eliminates the University of California’s proposed 5% tuition increase; creates 15,500 new slots in California universities (5,000 at UC and 10,500 at CSU); establishes the Graduation Incentive Grant for CSU Students who complete 30 units a year; provides $25 million to UC and CSU to increase course offerings; invests $50 million in the UC and CSU to increase student support services; provide 7,500 additional Cal Grant Competitive Awards for students who are not graduating high school seniors or recent graduates; and repeals the 11% Cal Grant Award reduction for students attending private, non-profit universities that is scheduled for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

SB 42: Postsecondary Education: California Commission on Higher Education and Accountability

Author: Senators Liu
Status: Vetoed by Governor
Campaign Position: Support

Establishes the Office of Higher Education Performance and Accountability (OHEPA) to provide statewide postsecondary education planning and coordination.