2020 Legislative Priorities

AB 1930: Student Eligibility Policy Oversight at the CSU and UC

Author: Assemblymember Jose Medina
Status: Held in Senate Appropriations Suspense File
Campaign Position: Support

Would require the California State University (CSU) and request the University of California (UC) to coordinate student eligibility requirements, as well as utilize a protocol for assessing the impact of proposed changes to student eligibility policy and monitoring their implementation.

AB 2341: Rising Scholars Network at California Community Colleges

Author: Assemblymember Kevin McCarty
Status: Died in Senate Education Committee
Campaign Position: Support

Would authorize the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to establish the Rising Scholars Network, a program that provides college support services for justice-involved students.

AB 2884: California Community College Funding for Student Support Services

Author: Assemblymember Marc Berman
Status: Signed by Governor Newsom
Campaign Position: Support

Would allow California Community College districts to utilize restricted lottery funds to provide housing and food assistance directly to students.

AB 2972: Online Administrator Training to Support Undocumented Students

Author: Assemblymember Monique Limon
Status: Died in Senate Education
Campaign Position: Support

Would require the California Community Colleges and the California State Universities, and request the University of California, to create an online training program for campus administrators to complete annually relating to undocumented student support.

ACA 5: Repeal the Affirmative Action Ban in California

Author: Assemblymember Shirley Weber
Status: Passed by the Legislature. Ballot Measure (Proposition 16) failed in the November 2020 election.
Campaign Position: Support

Would establish ballot measure in the November election to repeal the statewide ban on affirmative action.