Previously Sponsored and Supported Bills

AB 440: The College Student Success Act of 2009


AB 440 would have assured community college students, who fulfill general education transfer requirements to a four-year university and a minimum of 60 semester units, receive an associate of arts degree in transfer studies in recognition of their achievement. As it was when the legislation was introduced, students were not awarded an associate degree at the end of their transfer path. As a result, many transfer students left the community college system with nothing to show for their work. Students that experienced interruptions on their path to obtain a bachelor’s degree, often found themselves far less marketable in a competitive economy. While this specific legislation did not pass, it laid important framework for the historic transfer reform efforts of SB 1440 & AB 2302 that were signed into law in 2010.

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Assembly Member Jim Beall (D-24)


Assemblymembers Block, Chesbro, Coto, de León, Fong, and Padilla


The Campaign for College Opportunity

Organizational Endorsers

California Catholic Conference
California Chamber of Commerce
California Postsecondary Education Commission
College Options
Community Coalition
Girls Inc.
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU)
Kern County Superintendent’s Office
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce
Marian Bergeson, Retired State Senator
Orange County Business Council
Pierce College
Public Advocates
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Stanislaus County of Education
The Greenlining Institute
The Women’s Foundation of California, Women’s Policy Institute