New law takes huge step toward addressing largest impediment to success in California Community Colleges; Remediation.

Today, Governor Brown signed historic legislation that ensures more students have access to college-level courses when they start community college, substantially increasing their chances of completing a degree, certificate or transfer!

AB 705 (Irwin), sponsored by the Campaign for College Opportunity, requires community colleges to use high school performance as a factor in determining course placement for college-level math and English.

“For too long, inaccurate high stakes placement tests put students behind and stopped them from ever crossing the graduation stage. With the signing of AB 705 into law, more students will be placed directly into college-level courses and be able to reach their goals,” said Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity.

This law was introduced because more than 75% of California’s community college students are being assessed and placed into pre-college level courses annually, despite evidence that many of them could be successful in college-level courses, where only 40% will earn a degree, certificate or transfer after six years. Read more