Amber Roman

Communications Fellow
Occidental College

What do you do at the Campaign? Spread knowledge on what the campaign does & stands for, so some of what you see on social media (follow us!), in your inbox (subscribe to our newsletter!), and more.

What else gets you up in the morning? Environmental justice & vegan food.

What do you do in your downtime? I should probably stop being online since it’s my job now, but I can’t.

Fun fact: I can play guitar (badly) and speak Japanese (also badly).

Formal Bio:

Amber was born and raised to Mexican household in the predominantly Latinx area of Southeast LA. There, she attended overcrowded, underfunded schools, but was luckily taken under the wing of her science/AVID/homeroom teacher, changing the trajectory of her life for the better. With his guidance, she enrolled in the California Academy of Mathematics and Science for high school, a brutal 1.5 bus commute each way. Though she had a generally positive high school experience, her bare-bones education left her feeling inadequate and incompetent in this starkly different high school setting. She found comfort in local Environmental Justice activism, but battled with an unpredictable schedule: long commutes meant no time for on-campus events nor off-campus activities like volunteering or internships, instead pouring hours into schoolwork.

By the time college admissions rolled around, Amber’s confidence deflated. The day before the Common App closed, she applied to Occidental College on a whim for their Urban & Environmental Policy Department & was admitted. By then, she’d already been entrenched in the mundane academic routine, only this time battling the headache of financial aid, being a first-generation student, and a family that never quite understood the bureaucracy of a private liberal arts institution. Despite this, she flourished as an Urban & Environmental Policy major, supporting & learning from grassroots organizations (shout out to InnerCity Struggle, East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, & the Moving Forward Network), conducting research to build the knowledge-base in her hometown, and cementing her dedication to elevating the quality of life of low-income communities of color like her own.

At the Campaign for College Opportunity, she’s deepening her experience in Communications. Amber’s also excited to re-enter the field of education to ensure that all those who reside in California can access and succeed in college. She looks forward to working with the Campaign’s great team for the next 9 months!