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Press Statement: California’s Final 2017-18 Budget for Higher Education

Colleges and Universities in CA receive over $700 million boost
Focus on expanding access, improving completion, preserving affordability, and equity in hiring.

The Governor and Legislature are to be commended for passing a strong higher education budget that puts students first. This budget, which boasts slightly more than $700 million over last year, adds more spots for California students at our public universities while ensuring more students complete college.

“On the heels of our California Higher Education Report Card, this budget is a glimpse into the types of investments in college access, completion and affordability necessary to ensure 60% of all California adults have a college credential to meet our state’s workforce needs by 2025,” said Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity. Read More.

California’s public universities are failing to produce enough college graduates, study finds 

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Why California’s colleges earned a D in meeting the state’s needs

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New report says California is flunking out in producing enough educated adults for the workforce

Numbers of freshmen from outside California increase at three UC campuses - LA Times



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Press Statement: Statement to CSU Board of Trustees on Decision to Require Intermediate Algebra as Prerequisite to Nine Transfer Degrees


Good morning Trustees, Presidents and Chancellor White, On behalf of the Campaign for College Opportunity, we stand with you in calling on the Governor and legislature to provide sufficient funding for the CSU to support all eligible students and to meet the goals of the graduation initiative. We also applaud your vision to eliminate remedial education in the CSU. But, I’m here today to express our strong opposition, along with that of 22 civil rights, business, and community leaders, including MALDEF, the LA Urban League, and the CA Business Roundtable, to the decision to require intermediate algebra for nine transfer degrees. And if you have not received a copy of our coalition letter, I have copies with me. Read More.

College Of The Canyons Student Overcomes Adversity

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Changing the Dialogue: How We Can Push Low-Income, Top Performing Students into Competitive Colleges

(Ariana and I posing with her University of California, Irvine acceptance letter-a proud and exciting moment for both of us!)

(Ariana and I posing with her University of California, Irvine acceptance letter–a proud and exciting moment for both of us!)

By: Alex Serna, Program Director, Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano

It was as if we were negotiating a nuclear treaty and for the last 4 years she worked assiduously to someday realize her dreams of becoming the first in her family to attend college. Then, that someday arrived. We sat and discussed her college list. The air was still as the crisp, cool fall ambient enveloped our conversation leading to a moment that became the turning point in her life. For many high-achieving, low-income students “undermatch” is a real phenomenon, one that Brookings defines as, “students attending less challenging colleges than their academic credentials would allow them to.” The New York Times credits this trend with widening economic inequality and low levels of mobility. These academically promising students, “wind up in community college or mediocre four-year schools”, with less financial, academic and social support leading to high rates of attrition (NPR). But, “undermatch” can either be realized or be overcome with dialogue. However, let me be clear; we are not talking about simple dialogue-but a relentless, aspirational dialogue focused on acknowledging the student’s strengths rather than their weaknesses.  Read More