Black Lives Matter. This is How We Ensure they Do in California Higher Education.

This should go without saying, but it seems we must make it plain: Black Lives Matter.

Our hearts are heavy with the pain of seeing thousands of lives taken by police year after year and watching Black people attacked and killed by racist Americans in their own neighborhoods as they go for a run, enjoy birdwatching at the park, or simply exist as a Black person. The Campaign for College Opportunity joins the public outcry for justice and change with community leaders, demonstrators, and organizations in all fifty states and countries around the world.

We understand that true allyship is an active and continuous practice and that solidarity means very little without action. As we have done over the past 16 years, the Campaign will continue to push for anti-racist policies that dismantle long-standing oppressive structures in our society. As an organization dedicated to ensuring equity in college opportunity, that means tackling racism in higher education. Read more