Celebrating and Protecting College Opportunity

The start of the new school year is full of excitement and promise. For both of us, it has meant watching the young women in our lives take the next steps in their educational journeys.
Jessie’s Reflections
In my 14 years of working at the Campaign, I have most enjoyed seeing our work come full-circle, impacting the lives of students we meet. I was especially proud to see my niece, Bianca, earn an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), nine years after we championed the legislation that created the ADT. Bianca is one of over 159,000 students to earn this degree, and I was thrilled to see her graduate and enroll in the Sacramento State junior class.
Audrey’s Reflections
I have been looking at my daughter Isabella’s baby pictures and wondering how time flew so quickly between the pictures of her early years and the last few selfies I snapped as I dropped her off on campus for her freshman year of college. Moving my first-born into her new dorm, I was reminded of my late grandfather, who would have celebrated his birthday the same week Isabella started college. My grandfather was an immigrant from Mexico who came to this country so that his children could have a better life. Isabella’s success thus far is a testament to his grit and resilience when facing the obstacles many immigrants face moving to a new country. Read more