To More College Acceptance Letters and Graduates

Every new year, the Campaign team returns from the holiday ready to roll up our sleeves and continue our mission to ensure every student can experience two special occasions: opening their long-awaited college acceptance letters and hitting the stage with their caps and gowns.

Memories of our own college acceptances and graduations also remind us to pause and reflect on the successes we have had thus far. With incredible allies like you by our side, 2019 was another successful year of increasing college opportunity. From rallying to protect access to our public colleges to celebrating the work of higher education champions at our events, we are grateful for your support! You can read all about our accomplishments here.

This year is already in full swing! Governor Newsom’s state budget proposal increased higher education spending by $110 million and put dollars toward closing racial equity gaps. The very next week, members of the Legislature introduced a bill to strengthen oversight of admissions changes at our public universities.

In this newsletter, you will get to meet our new fellows and read our latest brief on Guided Pathways. You will also get to see who made our 2019 Dean’s List and read about our support for Proposition 13 slated for the March ballot. Read more