Five New Student-Centered Policies Deliver a Win for California

As Governor Newsom took final action on bills this past week, we are proud to share that five student-centered policies championed by the Campaign were signed by the Governor. These bills expand support and protections to vulnerable student populations, including undocumented students, as they work to achieve their college dreams.

We congratulate Governor Newsom and legislative leaders on a successful year of policy accomplishments and thank them for supporting legislation to increase college opportunity and student success.

The Campaign’s 2019 Legislative Agenda advanced many recommendations outlined in our Blueprint for Higher Education – a roadmap for meeting future worked demands and closing persistent racial equity gaps. One of the policies the Campaign has long championed was reflected in Assembly Bill 130, which would have established the Higher Education Performance, Accountability, and Coordination Commission to provide state-level leadership responsible for postsecondary planning, oversight and coordination. While we recognize the Governor’s commitment to strengthening higher education in California, we are disappointed by his decision to veto AB 130. Read more