Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell Honored for Fighting to Protect Students College Dreams During Pandemic

The Campaign for College Opportunity recently recognized Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell with a Distinction in Courageous Pandemic Response for her exemplary leadership in ensuring students had emergency aid and critical supports at California colleges and universities amid a global pandemic. Supervisor Mitchell, who previously served as a state senator and as chair of the Senate Budget & Fiscal Review Committee, worked tirelessly to protect financial aid levels and to ensure the availability of emergency funding to community college and undocumented students during a time of tremendous uncertainty.

“Former Senator Mitchell’s fierce leadership on the state budget protected college access for thousands of students with dreams of earning a college degree. She fought particularly hard to meet the needs of Latinx and Black students who have been disproportionately harmed by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Jessie Ryan, executive vice president of the Campaign for College Opportunity. “The continued investments our state’s leaders make in higher education will be vital to ensuring student success and economic recovery.” Read more