Marisa Johnson

University of Portland

What do you do at the campaign? I am one of the policy fellows in Sacramento
What else gets you up in the morning? Other than my dog waking me up everyday, knowing that there are injustices in the world keeps me energized and ready to help do my piece to chip away at the issue.
What do you do in your down time? I often am spending time with family and friends, painting, and gardening.
Fun Fact: I love to travel and have been to 19 countries so far.

Formal Bio:
Marisa was born and raised in Hollister, California. A farming town in Central California. From a young age, the importance of higher education was made clear to Marisa. Her mother was a first-generation student and the only one out of her siblings to graduate from college. Not only did her mother explain the transformative power higher education can have, but Marisa experienced this first hand by seeing the economic disparities among her own family. Witnessing these financial differences in her family Marisa went to college searching for answers as to why such disparities happen.

Marisa attended the University of Portland to pursue her undergraduate degree. As a student, Marisa interned with Unite Oregon, a non-profit intercultural movement for justice across Oregon. She also worked at her school in the Diversity and Inclusion Programs, helping to create a campus that furthers the success of all students.

Marisa earned her B.A. in Social Work with a minor in fine arts. She currently resides in Sacramento.