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Nancy LePage

Research Fellow
Sacramento Office

Why I Do What I Do:

One of the most effective ways to promote equity in our highly unequal society is by making higher education accessible to all – empowering people to fulfill their fullest potential.

Alma Mater(s): University of California, Davis; Pasadena City College.

Your role in one sentence:  I support the Research Team using data to inform advocacy and policymaking in order to create more equitable opportunities in higher education.

When I am not at work helping students get to and succeed in college I am…cooking and enjoying the company of my friends and family.

If not higher education then what cause?  Issues related to youth homelessness

Formal Bio:

Growing up with a single parent who had only a high school education, Nancy LePage witnessed the challenges that resulted from a lack of meaningful college credentials. Then, while attending community college, she taught GED classes to men and women on probation, immigrants, and homeless parents. At the same time, she learned more about the numerous barriers that prevent access to and success in higher education. Through research and advocacy, Nancy now strives to create opportunities for all Californians to reach their educational and professional goals. 

Nancy received her B.A. from UC Davis, where she majored in Sociology. Through coursework and internships, she explored various topics including public policy, youth engagement, homelessness, and community development. Immediately after graduation, Nancy joined AmeriCorps and supported the Los Angeles Promise Zone (a multi-sector community development initiative in Los Angeles) as a Data & Research Associate. In collaboration with the California Research Bureau, Nancy also led a study that examined resources available to students experiencing homelessness at California’s public universities and colleges. Directly before joining the Campaign, Nancy completed a Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs in the Bay Area.