New Research: “The State of Higher Education For Black Californians” California Must Do More To Ensure Black Students Are Supported To Earn College Degrees

Targeted support for Black students is needed to counteract the devastating effects of COVID-19 and historic racial injustice in our state.

Today, the Campaign for College Opportunity released “The State of Higher Education for Black Californians,” a landmark report that details the current state of college preparation, access and success for Black residents and offers a series of concrete action steps to increase college opportunity.

California is home to the fifth-largest Black population in the United States, with just over 2.1 million Black residents living in the state. Black Californians are a significant part of the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the state contributing to everything from our aerospace industry, Hollywood, the fight for civil rights, to our political institutions. But in many ways, California has excluded Black Californians from full citizenship and freedom through racist policies providing inadequate public funding to predominantly Black schools, ensuring too many Black Californians lack access to high-quality schools and college preparation, and contributing to generations of poverty, mass incarceration, and limited social mobility.

Black students and their families understand the importance of a college education and there is good news to share: Read more