Statement by The Campaign for College Opportunity and The Education Trust–West on CSU Resolution on Admissions Requirements: Quantitative Reasoning

We applaud the California State University (CSU) Chancellor, the Chancellor’s Office staff, the CSU Trustees, the Legislature, and advocates who have all worked together to ensure the process of considering a change in eligibility requirements yields an outcome that preserves equal opportunity to access and success at the CSU.

The CSU Chancellor’s Office has put before the CSU Trustees a resolution that acknowledges and addresses key concerns about the necessity of an eligibility change, future access and disparate impact raised for the better part of a year by over 100 civil rights and education advocates, the California Teachers Association and School Districts, School Boards, and Administrators across the state.

The resolution CSU Trustees will be asked to vote on at the January 28-29 meeting in Long Beach calls for an independent analysis to assess implementation impact, as well as the creation of an implementation steering committee that can help guide the Chancellor’s Office and Trustees as they navigate the next steps of this proposal.

A final vote on changing eligibility requirements will be set for 2022, assuming the independent analysis and steering committee recommend the change moves forward. Read more