Statement on Governor Brown’s May Revise to Funding Formula Proposal

Stronger funding formula proposal emerges that focuses on high needs students and key milestones

 “It’s clear that the Governor and Chancellor Oakley took to heart what students, civil rights and business leaders across the state care about when it comes to a funding formula that prioritizes student success and equity. As revised, this new funding formula proposal has the opportunity to be a game-changer for students who don’t just want a seat in our colleges but want the credential that opens up their future,” said Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity. “Our state leaders have acted with urgency to improve student success in the past few years from reforming transfer to remedial education and now, with the promise of a funding formula that puts success on par with access, we cannot slow down!”

Over thirty prominent social justice, civil rights, business, and student organizations joined the Campaign for College Opportunity to press the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, the Governor and Legislature to ensure any new funding formula addresses the needs of vulnerable populations, recognized important milestones in a students’ progression toward a degree, and provides additional incentives for colleges to promote the success of low-income students.

Governor Brown’s ambitious proposal to revise the California Community College funding formula has been strengthened significantly in his May Revise and now includes key considerations for the enrollment of low-income and undocumented students, progression milestones, and additional dollars toward the success of low-income students.

Download the Campaign’s Press Statement