Statewide Listening Tour

How can California begin to plan to meet the looming workforce shortage?

For the past decade, a key priority for the Campaign and its partners has been to urge state leaders to put forward a higher education plan for the state. We have suggested that state leaders pick up where the Master Plan left off and put forward a bold and visionary plan that addresses the workforce gap California is projected to face by 2025, the significant gaps in access and success across ethnic groups and regions, improved efficiency and collaboration across the community colleges, CSU and UC, and accountability through the use of data and the leveraging of state dollars. The absence of such a plan has been disappointing.

In 2014, we leveraged our strength as the only independent voice on higher education in the Capitol, our unique, unprecedented, bipartisan coalition, and our ability to raise public awareness to propose that bold new plan for California’s higher education system. Together with our research partners, created a new policy agenda for higher education in the state and launched a historic listening tour to share the plan far and wide and garner as much feedback as possible before presenting it to the Governor and Legislature.

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