In 2003, Steve Weiner co-founded the Campaign for College Opportunity with one of his closest friends, David Wolf, because neither of them could accept that California policymakers could simply turn their backs on the promise of college opportunity for the growing number of young adults in our state.  Steve also knew that the solution to the challenges in higher education were not entirely about more funding.  He expected that colleges should and could do better with whatever resources they had, and in particular, should be accountable for improving college outcomes and closing racial inequities among students. Steve’s passion for this work was unwavering, and we are enormously grateful for the years of leadership he provided to the Campaign in guiding our mission. His commitment to our cause was shared by his devoted wife, Patricia, and their daughters Wendy and Alisa, who have established the Stephen and Patricia Weiner Memorial Fund to ensure that their vision for all Californians to have an equal opportunity to attend and succeed in college is fulfilled. Make your contribution today.