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Playing “Cultural Competence” Catch Up in Higher Education

By Brad Phillips, President/CEO, Institute of Evidence Based Change

Originally posted on IEBCnow.org 

When Latinos became the largest ethnic group in California this month, it was a headline-making milestone. While fairly old news (the data is from 2012), higher education is painfully slow in realizing that the student population looks significantly different than it did just 10 years ago.

Cultural competency efforts that have been in effect in health care and K-12 for nearly 20 years are just getting started at many colleges. The cultural competence concept originated in health care when providers became aware of communication challenges that stemmed from cultural differences between practitioners (usually not diverse) and patients (often much more diverse). No matter what the cause — lack of awareness, understanding and even respect — the unacceptable results in education are disparate outcomes in student learning and achievement.

To help accelerate equity and opportunity, the Institute for Evidence-Based Change, in collaboration with Educational Testing Service (ETS) will host a webinar series for California Community College faculty, administrators and staff.

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How Researchers And Policymakers Ignore Impoverished Asian Students

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Asian and Pacific Islander student performance gap significantly discriminate Asian organization calls

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Report Highlights Higher Education Disparities Within Asian America


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College achievement among Asians, Pacific Islanders varies widely

Numbers of freshmen from outside California increase at three UC campuses - LA Times

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Research Alert | 2015 The Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Report

The Campaign for College Opportunity in partnership with Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles today released “The State of Higher Education in California: Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander,” report which examines how the state’s 6.3 million Asian Americans and 347,501 Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, representing one in seven Californians, are faring in higher education.
The Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community is the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in California and when AANHPI go to college in California, they overwhelmingly attend the state’s public colleges and universities.  Eighty-seven percent of Asian Americans and 73% of NHPI start their college career at a public institution. Nearly half of all Asian Americans (47%) and 55% of NHPI start at a California community college.


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To The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

This testimony was given by Michele Siqueiros, President of The Campaign for College Opportunity on May 29, 2015 to the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

Commissioners, thank you for inviting me before you today. I serve as the President of a California statewide non-profit organization, the Campaign for College Opportunity. But my favorite title is college graduate, especially because it was an improbable title for me to get. My opportunity to go to college and succeed was directly a result of good policy and investments by the federal government and my state to provide me with the opportunity and financial aid. As the first in my family to go to college, that dream would not have been possible without my ability to access federally subsidized student loans, work study resources, Cal Grant state financial aid, and a matching institutional scholarship from my Alma Mater. And while my college journey is 20 years old, this is still true for most low-income students across this country.
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