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Press Statement: Governor’s 2016-17 Budget Proposal

Governor Jerry Brown’s 2016-17 budget proposal increases funding for the state’s public colleges and universities by $596 million while making ongoing investments in access and student success.

The Governor proposes encouraging investments in California Community Colleges, including expanding enrollment funding by 2% to serve an additional 50,000 students, $248 million for programs that support career technical education and student transition to the workforce, and $25 million for Innovation Awards to—among other things—improve transfer pathways. Particularly encouraging is the $30 million proposal to continue investment in better preparing students for college level work.

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Report Highlights Higher Education Disparities Within Asian America


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Hope is not enough

Written by: Michele Siqueiros, Executive Director, Campaign for College Opportunity

Can the UC serve more transfer students?

Should the CSU only serve transfer students?

And why there’s a lot to celebrate in having the community college system set goals to significantly boost the number of students who earn certificates, degrees or transfer.

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Unfinished Business: Higher education state-level policy leadership still missing in California

August 26, 2014 | Written by: Nancy Shulock, Retiring Executive Director, Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy (IHELP)

When IHELP was founded in 2001, we set a mission to enhance leadership and policy for California higher education by producing actionable research and information for policy makers, practitioners, and educators. We chose an emphasis on community colleges in recognition of their importance to the state’s economic well-being. As I approach my retirement, I am naturally reflecting on the state of California higher education today in view of that mission. 
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Our View: IHELP’s Model Public Agenda for CA

March 28, 2014 | Written by: Michele Siqueiros, Executive Director, Campaign for College Opportunity

For several years, the Campaign for College Opportunity has urged state policy leaders to be bold in proposing and adopting a statewide plan for higher education. California is in urgent need of a plan that sets out a vision for producing more college graduates who can fill the state’s workforce needs and for closing college-going and attainment gaps across regions and ethnic groups, by establishing targets and metrics linked to funding and policy priorities to help us achieve this vision.
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To the Maryland legislature regarding community college transfer

March 12, 2014 | Written by: Michele Siqueiros, Executive Director, Campaign for College Opportunity

Thank you for inviting me before you today.

I serve as the Executive Director of a California statewide non-profit organization, The Campaign for College Opportunity. But my favorite title is college graduate, especially because it was an improbable title for me to get. My opportunity to go to college and succeed was directly a result of good policy and investments by my state to provide me with the opportunity and financial aid.
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