Vote Yes on Proposition 16

The Fight for Racial and Gender Equity

is on the November Ballot

California is a state of opportunity— built by one of the most diverse populations in the world. Californians value diversity and fairness. We believe that everyone, regardless of race or gender, deserves an equal shot at fair wages, good jobs, and quality schools.
But our society has a long history of race and gender discrimination, of which California is not immune.
Women and people of color still face discrimination in hiring, employment, contracting, and education. Hiring practices, student support services, and admissions at our state’s colleges and universities currently favor white, male, and wealthy Californians, and do not reflect California’s values of fairness and opportunity.

Proposition 16 is our chance to change that by ending the ban and expanding opportunity for all.


Proposition 16 would allow colleges and universities to use race as one of several factors in hiring and admissions, and would allow colleges and universities to create policies that improve the diversity of their student bodies, faculty, and close the racial/ethnic and gender equity gaps that persist in education.

Prop 16 gives us the tools to fight discrimination so that we can all thrive together.

Our colleges and universities do not hire enough Black, Latinx, Native Americans, Asians, and women faculty and leadership to reflect the diversity of our state.

Undergraduate Enrollment, Faculty, and Senior Leadership at the UC, CSU, and community colleges.

UC, CSU, and CCC System Leadership by Gender, 2016-17.

California public colleges and universities also do not admit and graduate enough students of color reflective of our state’s diverse population.

Latinx California college-age population vs. University of California Latinx population.
Latinx are underrepresented at the University of California.

Proposition 16 is a concrete step we can take to begin addressing the consequences of structural racism and sexism.

What Proposition 16 Would Do

Allow colleges and universities to create policies to:

Close racial equity gaps in admissions

Recruit more diverse faculty and leadership

Create more student success initiatives for students of color and women on campus

Vote Yes on Proposition 16 to ensure true opportunity for all.

Stand with higher education and civil rights leaders across the state who endorse Proposition 16

University of California
California State University
California Community Colleges
Black Lives Matters Co-Founders
Bernice King, CEO,
The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center
Dolores Huerta, President,
Dolores Huerta Foundation
Gloria Steinem, Feminist Activist
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Senator and Vice President Candidate Kamala Harris
Governor Gavin Newsom
University of California Student Association
California State Student Association
Student Senate for
California Community Colleges

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