A Word on the 2020 Election Results

As we all anxiously anticipate results across our nation, we can celebrate record voter turnout across the country and in California. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, an economic recession, and a national reckoning on race, millions of Americans have cast their ballot and, as patriots and believers of democracy, we must ensure that every vote is counted.

While we wait a little longer for the results of the presidential election, we know a few things for sure: We need a President that will understand he is the leader of a diverse nation and work towards unifying us after an incredibly divisive time. We need a President that will work with our state and local leaders to control the Covid-19 pandemic so that our economy can begin its pathway to recovery. We need a President that will ensure the disparate impact the pandemic and recession has had on women and Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Americans is addressed. Read more