Vote Yes on Proposition 13

for Safe Schools and Healthy Learning

Over 2.2 million K-12 students attend schools that are run-down, unsafe, and in dire need of maintenance to their facilities. College students live and attend classes at colleges and universities that have put off over $9 billion in maintenance needs because they do not have the funds for upkeep.


California Community Colleges need $200 million for unmet maintenance needs annually.

California State University need $3.7 billion for unmet maintenance needs.

University of California needs $3.2 – 5 billion for unmet maintenance needs.

No student should have to attend school or college in an unsafe environment.


Proposition 13 is a robust school facilities bond on the ballot in the March 2020 election. If passed, it would allocate $15 billion to schools, colleges, and universities that are in urgent need of maintaining, improving upon, and building facilities. Not to be confused with Proposition 13 of 1978, Proposition 13 of 2020 does not raise or affect property taxes.

Proposition 13 is Good for California Students

Allows schools, colleges, and universities to create safer learning environments by funding facility upgrades that prepare buildings for emergencies, removes mold and asbestos, and repairs deteriorating water pipes.

Equitably distributes funding to ensure more is spent in low-income school districts that need the most maintenance.

Requires public universities to create plans for affordable student housing.

Each dollar invested in facilities maintenance through Prop. 13 means colleges and universities can spend more on:

Adding more spots for students to enroll in college

Financial aid for low-income students

Services that support student success

“It has been over a decade since the last higher education bond measure was approved by voters; that’s why the passage of Proposition 13 is critical. This long overdue reinvestment is necessary to ensure our college infrastructure is safe and provides a quality educational experience critical to improving college access and success and providing the talented workforce California needs.”

-Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity

No student should have to attend school in an unsafe environment. #Prop13SchoolBond is good for California Students. @YesonProp13