Why We Do This Work

Students are at the center of our advocacy efforts. Read the student experiences below to learn
more about what motivates us to push for ambitious policy change.

Jordan Panana Carbajal

… because DREAMers should be supported to achieve their college dreams.

Sequoia Thompson

… because money should never deter a student from finding their full potential in college.

Connie Castelan

…because 3 community college districts + 7 campuses + 2.5 years to transfer is unacceptable.

Victoria Conlu

… because students shouldn’t have to fight each other for classes.

Jay Cortez

…because financial need shouldn’t defer a student’s dream of going to college.

Yessica Escobar

… because students need early guidance and intervention.

Karmina Garcia

… because DREAMers deserve to reach their college dreams too.

Toni Gomez

… because college can be a pathway out of poverty.

Michelle Ko

… because returning to college to train for a new career should be possible.

Diedrea Lewis

… because no one should fall through the cracks at a community college.

Carlos Maldonado

… because the road for first-generation college students has not yet been paved.

Reid Milburn

… because 5 years, more than 90 units, and no associate degree is the disappointing reality of many students.

Alex Pader

…. because information about student resources is essential to their success.

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