Our Partners


The Campaign is fortunate to work with partners who share the same conviction that higher education has the power to change lives.

“The Campaign has played a pivotal role in forcing California higher education to confront structural racism… and it’s the diversity of partners that makes the Campaign’s work so exciting and impactful.”
Elisha Smith Arillaga
Associate Professor of Practice | Department of Education Leadership and Policy The University of Texas at Austin
“I am proud to be the chair of The Campaign which is led by three superwomen, Michele, Audrey, and Jessie. These three women are transformational leaders, and with their leadership we got the Associate Degree for Transfer and the elimination of remedial education at community colleges – two of the biggest obstacles to opportunity and degree attainment.”
Estela Mara Bensimon
Director and Professor of Higher Education | USC Center for Urban Education
“The Campaign has changed the higher education landscape by giving us powerful language, tools, and research to inform policy and shift policy, and for us, as leaders, to have the audacity to diversify our workforce and leadership.”
Dr. Francisco C. Rodriguez
Chancellor | Los Angeles Community College District
“Advocates make us policymakers do better by demanding better results… The Campaign for College Opportunity is effective because they’re on the ground, they’re interacting with students in need, and know the community it’s advocating for extremely well.”
Senator Anthony Portantino
on our collective impact

Our Partners

Our work is successful because our partners see the link between their respective missions and the Campaign’s mission, invigorated to ensure that every Californian has the opportunity to go to college and be successful.

We are proud to work with students, K-12, faith-based, civil rights, higher education, and business leaders across the state and nation to call for a renewed commitment to students. Our partners are the reason we have achieved success and we are grateful for their support in legislative efforts, co-releasing groundbreaking research, co-hosting events, and mobilizing their own constituents for a better future for students.

Thank you to our partners

Our Partners

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