Increasing college
graduates to
strengthen California

Unfortunately, while millions of California students are entering college, only about half complete their college education…

graduate from the California Community College system, after 6 years
graduate from the California State University system, after 6 years
graduate from the University of California system, after 6 years

that’s why everyday we fight to make public policy changes that will help more California students complete college

Our Strategy

Policy Advocacy

We sponsor and support common sense reforms, such as a more simple transfer pathway between the state’s community colleges and four-year universities, so that more students can complete their college education.


We bring together businesses, civil rights, community, faith-based, social justice organizations, and students to create a powerful voice in the State Capitol calling for improved college going and completion.

Public Awareness

We produce research to inform the public about the urgent crisis facing higher education and its importance to all Californians. Our research also serves to inform the policies we support.

Working to ensure all Californians have an equal opportunity to attend and succeed in college in order to build a vibrant workforce, economy and democracy

Our Priorities

Preserve Access

Keeping the promise of the 1960 Master Plan alive, making sure that every eligible student that wants to pursue a higher education has the opportunity to do so.

Improve Student Success

Ensuring that more students are able to complete their college education so California will have the workforce it needs to maintain a strong and vibrant economy.

Maintain Affordability

California has a long tradition of making college dreams a reality for all prepared students, regardless of their financial resources. Protecting financial aid and maintaining affordability for students is crucial.

Increase Equity

California must address the growing inequity in college enrollment and degree completion, across both race and gender. This is not just a problem for men, or Blacks or Latinos; this imbalance affects all Californians.

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Sample News

Sample News

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