The California Undocumented Higher Education Coalition seeks to inform current students, prospective students, high school counselors, college advisors, and community members of the opportunities and resources available to undocumented students in California.  Use this tool to find information that is critical to improve access and success for undocumented students in higher education. For each institution, you will find information about campus centers for undocumented students, support programs, website addresses with relevant information, and contact information of undocumented allies/liaisons.


Undocumented Student Resources Campus Map

Map Legend:

University of California Campuses: Yellow

California State University Campuses: Green

California Community College Campuses: Blue

*Campuses with a * are noted to have a physical center with dedicated staff and resources to support undocumented students.



Additional Undocumented Student Campus Resources

California Dream Act

  • For information about the California Dream Act please click here
  • To fill out the California Dream Act application please click here

AB 540 Affadavit

  • For the AB 540 Affadavit please click here