A Statement on Financial Aid

May 1st, 2024
Jessie Ryan Headshot 2024
Jessie Ryan
Executive Vice President

In order to harness the power of higher education, we must first address college affordability, which remains one of the largest obstacles for California students to achieve their college dreams.

As a first-generation, low-income college student, financial aid was my lifeline. Even then, I often teetered on the edge of homelessness and food insecurity. When every penny counts, FAFSA delays burden vulnerable Latinx, Black, Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, American Indian/Alaska Native, low-income, and first-generation students, who stand to benefit most from seamless access to financial aid.

As higher education nationwide continues to face mounting attacks on racial equity, we must be unequivocal in demonstrating that our country benefits from a diverse student population at our colleges and universities. We urge bold action from state and federal leaders to offer the necessary flexibility and financial aid supports, innovating to meet students’ needs at this time of uncertainty. 

For students impacted by FAFSA delays, you deserve to achieve your college dreams affordably. We encourage you to use the resources from the California Student Aid Commission and organizations across the state to apply for state aid by the May 2nd deadline.