A Statement on Students’ Right to Protest

April 29th, 2024
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Michele Siqueiros

Today, across America, college students are demonstrating. We urge college leaders to respect their right to protest and ensure all students are safe. 

Thirty-two years ago today, as a college freshman, I watched my city go up in flames during the LA Uprising after the Rodney King verdict. The sense of injustice and despair that I felt echoed across my campus. As an Angeleno and Latina, marching, protesting, and making demands of our college leaders was not just an exercise of my First Amendment rights, it helped focus my energy and give me hope for how we could make my college—and, by extension, this world—a better and more just place. 

The Campaign for College Opportunity supports the American Civil Liberties Union’s open letter to college and university leaders. At every campus, all students deserve the freedom to safely engage in protest and debate as they exercise their constitutional rights. We hope national and international leaders can achieve peace so that all students, everywhere in the world, can pursue life, liberty, happiness, and the thoughtful engagement a college experience provides.