Governor Newsom Budget Update Prioritizes Higher Education

May 9th, 2019
Shae Collins

Budget expands funding for access, student success and affordability

In his updated budget proposal, Governor Gavin Newsom maintains his commitment to fund thousands of new seats for California students, invest in proven practices that improve graduation rates, and remove barriers to college affordability. While higher than expected tax revenues increased the total higher education budget from the governor’s January proposal by an estimated $200 million,  they led to modest  financial aid investments; notably the expansion of a second year of free community college tuition through the California College Promise and rapid rehousing efforts at the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems.

The governor’s updated budget maintains $10 million to establish a strong educational data system from pre-K to K-12 to college and the workforce. Now is the time for the Governor to exert his leadership in creating a statewide higher education coordinating body that is inclusive of civil rights and business communities. The coordinating body can set an ambitious North Star goal for statewide college attainment and regularly monitor progress towards meeting the state’s workforce and economic demands while holding our colleges and universities accountable for improvement and the closing of persistent racial/ethnic gaps.

“In 2018, Governor Newsom (then Lieutenant Governor) shared his vision for higher education during our gubernatorial forum and he is making good on many promises– including establishing a data system and expanding seats at UC and CSU. However, a wholesale reimagining of financial aid that is simplified, reflects the true cost of college and meets the needs of low-income students must be top of mind for the governor along with a coordinating body that can ensure his investments lead to improved student outcomes,” said Jessie Ryan, Executive Vice President of the Campaign for College Opportunity.

Key Higher Education Budget Highlights:

Longitudinal Data System