Higher Learning Advocates & Fifty Partner Organizations Urge Congress to Support Today’s Students

March 18th, 2020
2023 Amber Roman Headshot(1)
Amber Roman
Director of Strategic Communications

Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader McCarthy, Leader McConnell, and Leader Schumer:

As new cases of COVID-19 exposure and infection arise every day, many of the nation’s institutions of higher education are suspending or moving classes online to do what’s best for the public health and to flatten the curve of the virus’s spread. However, these sudden campus closures—whether they are fully closing a campus or moving all classes to virtual and restricting campus access to respond to the real health issues we are facing—are having a secondary negative impact on many of today’s students. Reports of vulnerable students who may be reliant on their campus for more than just a place to attend lectures are highlighting just how critical access to a dining hall, food pantry, or other accessible food sources; work-study wages; or reliably safe and stable campus housing can be.

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