COVID-19 Impact & Advocacy

There is no playbook for how to best respond to a global pandemic. While it is challenging to predict the full impact that COVID-19 has had and may continue to have on our students and our state, California must ensure our most vulnerable students do not fall off their college pathways as this crisis evolves. That is why we support policy and campus efforts that target support for students and we have urged policymakers and college leaders to:

Stay In The Know

The California Community Colleges*, the California State University, and the University of California are monitoring the effects of the pandemic. With a dramatic expansion to online instruction amid the pandemic, students, college, and community advocates stepped up to meet student needs. In addition, historic changes and expansion in equity resulted when the UC and CSU permanently discontinued the use of the SAT/ACT for admissions eligibility. Learn more about COVID-19 response and monitoring efforts below.

*COVID response information can be found by searching individual community colleges