Alice Argueta-Ramos

Policy Research Fellow
University of California, Davis

Alice Argueta was born and raised in Pico Union, a neighborhood next to Downtown LA. Alice is a recent graduate from the University of California, Davis and holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Development. Alice was always interested in the non-profit sector since attending and now an Alumni from the Kid City Hope Place, a non-profit organization that supports first generation and low-income students to go to college. Through Alice’s undergrad experience, she met a lot of supportive mentors and made connections that helped her find her passion in student advocacy in higher education. Alice worked in various centers on campus, from holding a leadership position to a college orientation position where she supported and welcomed students to campus. Furthermore, Alice supported work at the California 4-H State Office in Davis, which sparked her interest in research. These experiences then led her to develop a particular interest in research for higher education, eventually bringing her to her current position as a Research Fellow at the Campaign for College Opportunity in the Los Angeles office.

During Alice’s undergraduate coursework, she learned about various issues in higher education and she is a strong believer that good research can influence better policy for our education system. Alice is looking forward to learning about different issues in higher education while gaining and improving upon her current research skills. Alice is excited to build strong connections with everyone at the Campaign.