Autumn Alaniz-Wiggins

Student Body President, California State University, Chico

Autumn Alaniz-Wiggins is an aspiring social researcher and advocate with a profound commitment to public service and philanthropy, particularly in the realms of higher education and community advocacy. Finishing up her dual B.A. degrees in Sociology and Multicultural & Gender Studies from California State University, Chico, she has honed a deep understanding of societal inequities and multicultural dynamics. Autumn’s leadership was exemplified in her roles as President of the CSU Chico Associated Student Government and previous Director of Social Justice and Equity, where she spearheaded initiatives to enhance inclusivity and address systemic challenges. Her significant contributions include leading impactful policy campaigns like #StopTheHike, published research in Nutritional Knowledge of EOP Students, and her current work on the 10% Initiative to solicit the stories of 1,400 students at her home campus. Autumn’s work, driven by a passion for equitable education and community empowerment, reflects her unwavering dedication to creating meaningful change in society.