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David Drummer, MS

Senior Research Analyst
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“Higher education is the golden ticket to financial stability. Strengthening access to public colleges and supporting students’ path to graduation is the most effective way to ensure the success of the next generation of leaders.”

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York by a single mother who, being an educator herself, strongly emphasized the importance of higher education.  Attending SUNY Binghamton, where he studied Political Science, allowed him to obtain an excellent undergraduate education at a reasonable cost. The knowledge that this experience was only possible due to having received significant financial aid along with merit scholarships impressed upon him the importance of ensuring that the pursuit of a college degree be made financially and logistically available to all who desire it.

David began his career working with data in the form of corporate reporting and sales metrics. With a desire to align his interest in data with his passion for social justice, David sought to continue furthering his education and obtained a Master’s degree in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences and set out to find a position that would allow him to contribute to an organization that effectively champions increased access to higher education. David is excited to work alongside such a talented and dedicated group of individuals whose work is integral to supporting the educational aspirations of millions of young people across California.