Ellie Lewis

Communications Associate
Los Angeles Office
Equitable access to higher education is one of the most important tools for establishing and maintaining racial and ethnic equity. Advocacy for policies and practices that promote equity in higher education is an important step toward a more just future for all.

Ellie was raised in the Sacramento area in the town of El Dorado Hills, California. With the majority of her extended family residing throughout southern California, she has always felt drawn to Los Angeles and attended Loyola Marymount University for her undergraduate education, double majoring in Communication Studies and Music.

Ellie’s liberal arts education allowed her to take courses focused on critical cultural topics, social justice issues, policy and advocacy, and civic engagement. She cultivated her love of learning and social justice through these courses. Ellie took her passion for justice further to become an assistant editor for the social justice section of the Los Angeles Loyolan newspaper, as well as develop grant-supported research on cultural communication and performativity within the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, she channeled her love for social engagement in her work as a co-manager for the Office of the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs at LMU. After graduation, Ellie began volunteering as a social media manager for a national nonprofit mobilizing the LGBTQ+ community to engage in service projects. 

Growing up with the privilege of being the daughter of two first-generation college students, Ellie has long understood the critical access to opportunities that achieving a degree can offer. By witnessing her mom’s work in higher education, she learned the importance of higher education’s role in achieving racial and ethnic equity and ensuring equal opportunity. Ellie seeks to contribute to racial and ethnic equity and justice in higher education through her work as a Communications Associate with the Campaign. 

Ellie is a classically-trained pianist and loves finding new music, hiking, reading, and listening to podcasts.