Tylar Campbell

Research Fellow
University of California, Los Angeles

For many people, phrases such as foster care, mental disorders, and the school to prison pipeline are theoretical concepts taught and analyzed in the classroom from an outsider’s perspective. For Tylar, these concepts were a lived reality. As a young man, Tylar showed much interest in social studies, which would ultimately lead him to take courses in African American studies once he began attending community college. One year after his enrollment in 2011, Tylar had already begun taking courses for his major when all ethnic study courses were removed from his college due to statewide budget cuts, forcing him to choose another major. This was Tylar’s introduction to public policy and its effects on shaping the outcomes of students and their futures from a first-hand experience. Understanding the connection between those affected by policy and those in decision-making positions, Tylar decided to take an active role in deciding a future for himself and majored in Political Science.

This experience led Tylar to become the Treasurer of his local student government for two consecutive years, which prompted him to run and win an election for a state-level governance position as the Internal Affairs Senator for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges, whose organization represents the Chancellor’s Office and all 115 community colleges. His experiences would have him advocate for many issues affecting students in higher education on a state- and federal-level of policy making, surrounding issues such as Federal Financial Aid, the California DREAM Act, Cal Grant, and even raising concerns about California’s Master Plan.

Furthermore, Tylar has held a position as a Student of Economic Justice Fellow for the Center of Policy Initiatives, working on issues surrounding wage theft. He has also organized with the ACLU to provide community resources and Know-Your-Rights events focusing on issues of ICE in vulnerable communities.

Tylar transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), graduating with a degree in African American Studies. After engaging in international education in five countries, Tylar attended Stanford University for his M.A. in Communications and graduated with a professional degree in Data Journalism. Tylar has now begun his Ph.D. at Simon Fraser University and will graduate in 2024.