2021 State of Higher Education for Latinx Californians

Today, the Campaign for College Opportunity is proud to release our much anticipated 2021 State of Higher Education for Latinx Californians report. As the single largest ethnic group in California—comprising over half of our state’s K-12 population—ensuring educational opportunity and success for Latinx students is vital for our collective future. We invite you to join us today for a webinar where we will present comprehensive data on the current state of college access and completion for Latinx students in the state (details below).

There is no California story without Latinx Californians. The only path to a bright future for all of us who call this state home is inextricably linked to the success of our 15 million Latinx California neighbors, who represent the largest ethnic group in the state, with a demographic that is disproportionately young. We must significantly increase the educational opportunity and success of Latinx Californians, ensuring that more of them are prepared for college, attend college, and graduate with the skills necessary to thrive personally and to contribute to the economy of our state.While historic numbers of Latinx students are graduating from high school prepared for college and are enrolling in higher education, these numbers are still too low. Today, most high schools fail to prepare the majority of their Latinx students for college. For Latinx graduates who do make it, the majority enroll in a California community college where too few are able to find a clear path to a degree or to transfer.

While both access and success for Latinx students enrolling in the University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) are improving, there are still disturbing gaps by race/ethnicity and gender, with Latinos attending and completing college at rates far below their Latina peers.We invite you to digest the presented data, interrogate practices in California higher education that are posing barriers to Latinx student success, and take action to advance college opportunity for Latinx students.

Watch the webinar recording