Still Left Out: How Exclusion In California’s Colleges & Universities Continues To Hurt Our Values, Students, and Democracy

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Home to the nation’s largest Latinx (15 million), Asian American NHPI (almost 7 million) and the 5th largest Black (2.8 million) populations, California is our nation’s most diverse and populous state. This diversity is one of the state’s greatest assets, yet, representation of racially minoritized leaders in California’s colleges and universities remains incredibly low in comparison to the racial composition of the student population.

Still Left Out provides a follow-up analysis to our watershed 2018 original publication, Left Out: How exclusion in California’s colleges and universities hurts our values, our students, and our economy, documenting the lack of full inclusion and diversity reflective of California’s population among students attending the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and California Community Colleges. These reports include a systemwide analysis of leadership at the UC, CSU, and community colleges, plus a detailed campus-by-campus analysis of senior leaders, faculty, and academic senate bodies. We have also included a breakdown of the racial/ethnic and gender diversity of higher education governing bodies—including the UC Board of Regents, CSU Board of Trustees, California Community Colleges Board of Governors, and the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).

For California to maintain its political leadership and economic standing as the fifth-largest global economy, it must invest in the diverse talent that can adequately educate and create equitable, student-centered environments conducive to student success. The reality is that today, California’s Black, Latinx, underrepresented Asian American and NHPI, and AIAN residents and scholars are Still Left Out, limiting our state’s and students’ potential.