Expert Spotlight: Matthew Echeverria

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“I feel deeply concerned and anxious that now private institutions in California, as well as colleges and universities across the country, may not recognize where I and so many students like me come from. I call upon college leaders, policymakers, and communities of color to take urgent action in order to continue to promote diversity, affirm equity, and ensure inclusion on their college campuses.”
Matthew Echeverria, high school senior
Expert Spotlight: Matthew Echeverria – Shining a Light on the Student Impacts of the U.S. Supreme Court Decision to End Race-Conscious Admissions Practices

As part of the Affirming Equity, Ensuring Inclusion, Empowering Action national initiative, the Campaign for College Opportunity has met with many students who have shared their stories on the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision prohibiting the use of race-conscious admission practices at colleges and universities. One of these students was Matthew Echeverria, who shared his reaction to the decision and what students, educators, and policy leaders can do to support students like him. Matthew is a first-generation and Latino rising senior attending high school in Los Angeles, California.

The recent Supreme Court decision on race-conscious admissions has raised concerns about the future of diversity in higher education. Students like Matthew are worried about the implications of overturning affirmative action. As a product of a low-income neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, Matthew believes that access to education is crucial for bridging the gap between opportunities and economic mobility for students from marginalized communities.