Transforming Transfer
with AB 928

AB 928, also called the Student Transfer Achievement Reform (STAR) Act of 2021, is a critical piece of legislation that strengthens the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), a landmark pathway that has promoted transfer access and success for over a decade at the California Community Colleges. Improving transfer is key to producing the workforce we need in California, particularly at this moment of financial uncertainty. Since the inception of the ADT, community colleges have conferred over 280,000 ADT degrees, ultimately streamlining transfer, saving costs, and guaranteeing access to our public universities. Although the state has made significant progress in transfer, persistent barriers remain in implementation of and access to the ADT. By faithfully implementing the Associate Degree for Transfer through AB 928, California stands to support thousands more students to achieve their college dreams and generate millions in revenue for our community colleges. Get involved in #TransformingTransfer and learn more about the history of the ADT.

AB 928 strengthens transfer by creating greater state-level accountability through the creation of an intersegmental committee, streamlining general education requirements across the University of California and California State University systems, and establishing the ADT program as the preferred transfer pathway.

Work is Needed to Ensure Transfer Access & Success

Students Earning Associate’s Degrees by Degree Type
Every year, more students are earning an Associate Degree for Transfer, but it is still not the preferred transfer pathway for community college students. ADT earners receive more benefits and guarantees than AA/AS degree earners.
ADT becoming preferred pathway
ADTs as a Share of Associate’s Degrees by Race/Ethnicity
More Latinx students are earning ADTs, but racial/ethnic equity gaps remain for Black and American Indian/Alaska Native students.

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Historic Transfer Reform

Higher Education Leaders, Advocates, and Institutions
Urge for Bold Transfer

Why leaders, advocates, and students across the state support transforming transfer

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Transfer Convening Summary with Campus Leaders
Transfer Convening Summary with Students
Projected cost savings of AB 928

Why College Presidents Support AB 928

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The Transfer Process: Perspectives from the Students Who Lived It

“The transfer process is still unnecessarily complex and difficult for the vast majority of students to navigate. Although the majority of community college students enroll with the goal of transferring, only 4% do so within 2 years.”
Assemblymember Marc Berman

Committing to Transfer
as a Key Racial Equity

“By creating this reliable, clear, and consistent pathway – to not just earning an Associate’s Degree for Transfer, but the guaranteed placement in a four-year university without the need to retake courses unnecessarily – it provided tremendous success academically for untold numbers of students and tremendous efficiency.”
Senator Alex Padilla

The Transfer Process: A Conversation with California’s Higher Education System Leaders

“There’s been tremendous growth in the Associate Degree for Transfer in the California Community Colleges and we’re seeing more students than ever prepared to transfer… but we still have a ways to go. We still see disproportionate impact in students of color, but in particular Black & African American students. We must find ways to improve the pathway for Black & African American students.”
California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley