WASC: Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Steve Weiner, who served as Executive Director of WASC from 1988- 1996, passed away Sunday, April 21, 2013. Prior to coming to lead WASC, Steve had worked at UC Berkeley and Mills College. Ralph Wolff, who worked with Steve during this period as Associate Executive Director, shared these thoughts:

Steve was an exceptionally clear thinker who cared deeply about college access and diversity. He became Executive Director after the 1988 Handbook was adopted and led its implementation. Of particular interest to him were the new standards on diversity and assessment. Steve played a major role in crafting the Statement on Diversity, which was adopted by the Commission after considerable debate in 1994.

We would often take walks around Lake Merritt where Steve would ask, “Is what we are doing at WASC adding meaning not only to our lives but to those in the region needing higher education?” Steve continued to show his concern for student access and achievement by volunteering in a high school after leaving WASC. He then, with David Wolf, led seminars for leaders in California and founded the Campaign for College Opportunity. He had a terrific sense of humor and a strong desire to bring attention to the need to provide access to higher education for the many underserved populations in California. He is survived by his wife Pat, who he always spoke of with tenderness, and two daughters.